Monday, February 23, 2015

Cutie Clips by Ryan & Rose

You've probably seen on many of my post that Rowan wears some of loveliest,
prettiest pacifier clips ever.
These clips, "cutie clips" are by Ryan and Rose.
What I love about these clips is that they are all handmade in the USA.
Not only do I find them to be very fashionable,
they are also very durable.
We use them for everything!
From pacifiers to teethers and all the way to stroller toys.
They have held on to our toys with out a single break from any one of the clips.
We use them for many of our wooden toys, and we all know how heavy those can be.
The shop owner, Lindsey is one of the sweetest woman I have ever met.
We followed each other on Instagram when our girls were only babies.
Yes, I'm talking about when Levia was a baby.
That's over or about two years ago.
Since then, she's watched my family grow and I saw her take a big dive into starting up
her own business.
I remember when she took that plunge, and now, well I've been seeing her cutie clips everywhere on Instagram.
When she created these clips, I'm sure she had no idea how she would revolutionize the pacifier clip.
She's upgraded the drabby look of them and made them into a statement piece.
Believe me when I say that these cutie clips look so much prettier in person.
I mean, they're beautiful as they are in pictures but when you hold them in your hand,
you see the sparkle on the clip and the colors of the trim are simply stunning.
I wish Levia had these when she was a baby.
I remember buying some for her from the store, I disliked the pattern and the fact that they rusted so fast was a big disappointment.
I looked everywhere for some that suited our style but I never found any.
What I love about Ryan and Rose is that she caters to every one.
She carries a collection for the girls
and a separate collection that is well suited for the boys.
Another thing that is very pleasing is her assortment of colors.
Yes, you read that right.
She has many that come in gender neutral colors.
Making them perfect for baby shower gifts. 
Now back to Lindsey.
Not only is she an amazing person, but she also gives back to her community.
For every cutie clip that is sold, Ryan and Rose donates $1 to the Engage Memphis fund at Fellowship Memphis. ( )
For deals and coupon codes, or even giveaways follow Ryan and Rose
on Instagram  @ryanandrose.

If you're wondering where you can purchase this Natursutten pacifier,
Ryan and Rose also has them for sell in her online shop.
She'll also be selling the Natusutten star teether.
These pacifiers are:
-100% natural rubber
-BPA, PVC, phthalate, chemical free, and free of artificial colorings
-they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable
I can go on with what I love about these pacifiers, but the three reasons listed above is what sold me right away.
They also put Rowan to sleep when she's in the Ergo.
So that's a big plus.
It's  also one less thing to worry about
when it comes to what's going in to her mouth.

And I almost forgot to mention that she has added headbands to her shop.
These headbands have Ryan and Rose written all over them!

Here are some photos of Rowan wearing one of the headbands last night.
As you can see she looks so pretty.
Very girlish!


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