Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey Part 3

We're still going strong.
Breastfeeding sure does have it's ups and downs but we've been sailing through the tough days.
I am happy that we have come this far.
I have reached another goal that I have set another one for myself.
I want to continue our breastfeeding journey for another 3 months.
The goal I have set for myself now is to reach 9 months of exclusively breastfeeding Rowan.
I feel that I will make it there, that we will make it there.
The moment we share together is such a blessing.
I love watching her eat.
The way she looks up at me.
The way she pauses to give me a gummy smile, sometimes not even letting go.
The way she holds on to my clothes.
The way she'll cling to my necklace.
The way she'll search and grab a hold of my hair and wrap the strands in between her fingers.
The way she lifts her arm up to reach for my face, how she grabs my mouth or cheek all while eating.
I love these moments.
These are the moments that has kept me going.
I love that I have a wonderful supports system that has been working well for me.
I owe part of this accomplishment to my husband for always encouraging me, for believing in me, and for being my back bone.
The other part I owe it to the wonder breastfeeding Mom's of Instagram.
I have a few Mama's that I look up to.
We too have a similar journey.
We share similar goals.
We have been there to share, to support, and to encourage one another when others don't get how hard breastfeeding can be.
We have our days where we feel like nothing gets done, where we feel overwhelmed, but we help each other with kind words.
And with that, we stay strong.
We do this for our babies.
We want the best for our babies.
And knowing that we are giving them the best is such a blessing.
Here's to 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding.
May we make it 9 months.
And may I reach my ultimate goal,
1 year.


I have to add that pumping is something I don't do everyday.
But there are times where I do so because of how engorged they can get.
Luckily, I have never had a problem with pumping.
I don't have the fanciest of pumps either.
Just a regular Avent brand.
I love that I can use it manually, through an outlet, or it can be battery operated.
For me, the manual is what has worked best for me.
Yes, it's slower this way but I'm not stuck sitting down next to an outlet.
I have two kiddos.
I need to move around.
With the milk that I have pumped, I don't give it to Rowan.
Instead I turn them into popsicle treats for Levia.
She loves them!
I even ended up changing this up a bit by making Ovaltine breast milk popsicles.
Now, that she really really loved.

Below, is a small version of the popsicles for Rowan.
She loves them too.
But the regular ones were way to big and very hard for her to hold.
I used her paci and our ice tray to make these and they worked amazing.
She was able to hold on to it on her own.
And she enjoyed every bit of her treat.


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