Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Baby Girl

 It's another beautiful day and we're are having a blast during play time.

Levia has had this chalk board for a while.
I purchased it about 2 years ago and gave it a paint job.
It used to have a red, yellow, green, and blue frame.
Now, it's perfectly neutral.
I also love that the back of it is a dry erase board.
But we won't be using that side for a while.
I know we would have maker marks all over the wall.
Since Levia has her own room and this chalkboard is hanging nicely on her wall, I have brought it upon myself to do my best and draw pictures for her.
I sometime writer her lovely words too.
And she absolutely loves it!
She loves cookie monster so much right now, that when I drew this for her she bent over double and gave out the silliest giggle.
She looked at it in awe.
That, now that is what I live for.
To make her happy.


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