Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Little Hearts

With Valentine's Day approaching, I decide that we needed to add an extra banner to our décor.
I don't go overboard decorating for the day since I don't believe that Valentine's day is all that.
We save it for our anniversary day instead.
Now that's a day worth celebrating.
Since Levia, I had loved Valentine's Day a little more.
I love bringing out the pinks and decorating a bit, she loves it.
When she was 7 months old, we made a heart banner with her foot prints.
Since then, she loves when I pull it out.
Today has been raining all day so I decided that it would be perfect to bring it out and make a new banner with Rowan's little feet.
It was so much fun.
I had no idea how it would go since we have carpet.
But I can say ZERO drop of paint was spilled!
Look at these little toes.

I had to let Levia in on some of the fun too.

Oh, and a sneak peak of Robert's birthday present.

The paint had dried so is play time on the floor while I got to cutting, painting the heart's edges, and putting the string for hanging on them.

A comparison of both banners.
Levia's is on top. (7 months old)
Rowan's on the bottom. (5 months old) 

For now they hang on our shelf.
Pay no attention to the nick knack on there.
Since moving, I have kind of neglected this area.
The elephant belongs in Levia's room but there's currently no place to set it.
It's also plain Jane for my taste.
Hopefully I find things to fill this area up with soon!

Since Rowan still had painted feet and hands bath time was needed pretty bad.
While I was getting the water to warm up, Rowan got pretty quiet so I checked on her and she decided that a nap sounded better.
My baby fell asleep on the floor.
She usually naps while nursing so this was something worth capturing.

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