Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

 Well it's Valentine's Day and I hope everyone is having some fun with their loved ones today.
I'll be honest, my family doesn't care much for today but we do get a little bit into the "love" spirit since we have two beautiful girls to have fun with.
Levia loves when I start to pull things out of my craft box.
She knows we're about to decorate.
She loves all the hearts, the pink, the glitter, and the painting.
We don't go out and celebrate and this year we decided that we would not spend money.
Instead we would just stay home and have a nice dinner just like we've always done.

Every year I take photos of Levia in a Valentine theme background.
Of course this year we gained another little love and she just make these photos extra special.

Just look at them!

This is what our Valentine's Day décor usually looks like.
A lot of pink.
A lot of red.
Some glitter.
And a lot of hearts.

Today I also pulled out Rowan's silicone feeder by Boon.
I love this thing so much.
You can pack it with food that are great for her age and Let her do the chewing.
All this without worrying of her choking.
Today I diced up some bananas and she went out of town with it.
Since she has no teeth, breaking food down has been quite the challenge for her.
So this has been helping her. 
It can get a bit messy but that always comes with eating.

I love that it's so easy for her to hold.

As you have noticed her feeder pairs well with her Ryan & Rose pacifier cutie clip.
These pacifier clips are perfect for so many things.
We use them on her teethers, toys, and pacifiers.
The fact that you can also clip them to strollers, car seats, and bibs makes them awesome.
I love how durable these clips are.
And that's not it,
they are fashionable!


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