Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Beach Day!

 So my husband was out of town for work and since we've been having amazing weather,
I decided to take my girls to the beach.
The weather might have been a bit gloomy and foggy, but we didn't have to be bundled up.
We had been wearing jackets and sweaters when going out, that it was nice to finally catch a break.
My girls had so much fun!
It was also Rowan's first time sitting on the sand.
She dug her hands right in and played right away.
I'm already looking forward to spring and summer.
You'll be seeing a lot of beach photos when the weather changes.
For now, these gloomy ones will do.
Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

Because Rowan was dressed so cute, I of course had to snap photos of her outfit.

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