Thursday, March 19, 2015

Schoolhouse Find

So the other day I decided to take my girls out.
We usually stay in and play at home.
This time since, I was up pretty early for my post-surgery appointment I decided we should go out.
I wasn't planning on going shopping but we went to the store and while we were at T.J.Maxx I found this build your own schoolhouse made from wood.
For $4 I could not pass it up.
We've been eyeing some doll houses at the store for a while for Levia.
I didn't mind that I had to build it myself, or that the paint and glue was missing.
All the pieces and stickers were there.
I'm not going to lie, putting the roof together was the hardest.
It kept falling apart on me.
Now that it's built, my girls love playing with it.
I am left wondering if I should paint it.
I don't want to do bold or bright colors.
Just a simple white schoolhouse.
I think?
For now, I'll leave it in it's most natural state.

It's also the perfect size for her Elmo and Cookie Monster toy.

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