Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Lately I've been dressing up Levia in some very pretty headbands by Ryand & Rose.
As you can see they are very very pretty.
They are simple but the add that girlie touch and the color just pops.
I honestly thing they make Levia look so pretty.
The way her ears stick out makes my heart melt.
She's got her Daddy's ears and I always compliment her how pretty they are.

It's our usual play time photos.
Of course they're a little dressed up but that's how some of our days are.
We have to look and feel extra pretty sometimes, right?!

That's how Levia tells her sister sorry.
She decided to drop some blocks on her sister's head and I told her that was not nice.
So she rubs her sister's head and says sorry.
I do not know where she got the whole "rubbing head" thing from, but I find it to be very cute.

And she likes to kiss her sister in random places.
Sometimes it's on the top of her head, her hands, or her toes.
Where ever it is that Levia chooses to kiss her sister, I am fine with it.
She loves her sister.
She shows her sister what love is.
And she does all of this in her own way.

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