Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Great Find

Well, while I was at Target last week I came across an Easel that was at a good price.
I passed it up though, because I wasn't sure about it.
I've been searching for one that I was secretly hoping I would find one at an awesome price.
Luckily, while we were at Target last night I came across the same Easel.
I pulled it out from the bottom shelf and hoped that the price had been lowered especially since it was the last on.
Guess what, it was!
Oh by, was I happy.
It was on clearance for $10.
Yes, what a great score.
The fact that it's white and made of wood made it better.
When we got home, Levia wanted it built right away.
I grabbed some screwdrivers and started to set it up.
It was so easy to assemble!
I did not need any tools.
Right away Levia started drawing on the chalkboard.
She loves it!
Today, I went to the store and bought her a paint set.
I think I may have created a little Picasso.
She loves her Easel.
Happy Toddler = Happy Home

I almost forgot that this Easel is made by RoseArt.
I tried looking for it online on both websites and had no luck.
The other day.


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