Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Teepee

 Well I finally decided to make my girls their teepee.
It took me a couple of hours to complete this project but it was well worth it.
I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime, I just never had the place to put one.
Now that Levia has her own room and I've been working hard to finish it up, it was the right time to make it for her.
We love reading books and this is just perfect for her.
I need to make and add extra pillows so that she can relax in there.
Maybe put up some lights around it too to brighten it up at night.

Everything below was pretty much purchased at Walmart.
Minus the lace fabric.

I like how the teepee looks below,
but I thought it was a little too plain for me.
I want something that stands out against all the neutral colors that are already in the room.
Her bedroom theme colors are ivory, gold, white, and pink. (Pink being very very minimal.)

Even though I already completed their teepee,
I plant to undo it and I'll be adding a bottom frame to keep it from closing up like an umbrella.
Luckily, that'll be an easy fix.

I love how lovely these photos look.
I think they'll make the perfect 1st birthday photos for Rowan.

Day 2 with the teepee.

Since I was left with 3 bamboo sticks,
 I decided to make a coat/hat rack for out empty corner at home.
We live by the beach so a hat rack has been something I've been needing.
I just never thought that making one would be so easy!
I plant to put a plant below it.
We're missing some greens in our home.


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