Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Girls

So I haven't really posted on my girls lately.
We went out one day and spent some time at the library.
(I'll leave that post for when I do my end of month post.)
For now here are more photos of my girls.
Levia signing "I love you" below.
I love when she randomly comes up to us signing I love you.
It's seriously one of the sweetest things she does.

These photos are from today.
We actually went through a few books during reading time.
I love that my girl has a good taste in books.

One thing Levia loves doing is stacking some of her books up and jumping off of them.
She's a very silly girl.

Oh, and Rowan loves to stand up.
Though she can not do it on her own yet, she'll stand up and hold on to things if you help her.
Her legs keep getting stronger and stronger that I have a feeling she'll be standing up on her own pretty soon.
May it be lifting herself up with the help of things or standing up alone, she'll get it soon.



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