Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Their Hearts are Made of Gold

 What a wonderful day.
We're glad to be alive.
We're blessed.
And we are feeling great.

In other words,
it's a perfect day to take pictures of my girls.

You all know very well how fond I am of my girls.
They are the center of my universe.
My world.
My everything.
I try to imagine what life was like before them and I can say it was lonely.
Not necessarily a sad kind of lonely.
They are what I was missing.
They fill our home with laughter.
With sounds like footsteps running around, how I hear each foot hit the ground.
Those little things, they make me happy.

I look at them and I feel like they are both going to grow up and become some fine ladies.
They have hearts of gold.
They know love.
And I pray that they always give the people of the world these virtues.
You never know who may need some.


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